Aaj iss wajai se Mithun se jhagda hogaye || Indian Vlogger Soumali


  1. I am your viewer since 2years and subscriber also in youtube .Recently I saw Aryan having the eye treatment . We live in Delhi and me my 9 year old son and daughter had also taken the treatment there . Two years ago we had done this in 2016 and 2017 . Exercise after the treatment is hard for kids to do. Kids dont do the prescribed exercises. If you need any information after treatment condition .can connect with me on my mail. I am your big admirer and also wanted to do the same it needs much affort and guts to do the work.keep it up the good work.

  2. Tumi chul ulte bedho na. Kapal chauda hoye jaabey. Tumi baritey thakle sithe kete chul band ho. Just a suggestion.


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